Tai Chi Practice Guidance

Tai Chi Practice Guidance

Please try to attend every class to gain maximum benefit.

Regular home practice of at least 5-10 minutes/ day will yield positive results

Do not eat a large meal within 2 hours before Tai Chi practice. Avoid eating a large meal late at night. 

Do not drink alcohol before, and ideally, after Tai Chi. (leave at least an hour, preferably not at all after practice)

Practice in loose clothes in flat shoes (or bare feet) in a well ventilated environment preferable outdoors.

Practice Routine:

  1. Loosen-up , mobilise joints, stretch, breathing exercise
  2. Relaxed standing Qigong to centre the Mind / Spirit and Chi
  3. Practice the Form
  4. Standing Qigong

The 4 key principles of Tai Chi body/mind coordination.

  1. Keep one point – (calm-mind centred in the Tantien)

  2. Relax completely – (living-relaxed not dead-relaxed, let chi and breathing soften and flow naturally)

  3. Keep weight underside – (well rooted, lower body yang and strong, upper yin calm and relaxed )

  4. Extend chi – (Your chi opening out towards the world and others, connecting, mind awake)

(See Post on the 4 Principles for a fuller version)