Tai Chi Journey

This is an introductory post to any who join the Tai Chi Classes in Elm Park. 

Welcome to the Thames Tai Chi Group. During your lessons you will be learning the Yang Style Short Form initially created  and adapted from the Long Form by Cheng Man-Ching during the last century. Learning Tai Chi is like a journey and on the Tai Chi Journey the ‘form’ is the record of your journey, the ‘form’ is also the tool for learning Tai Chi and it is the end result! There are many ways of learning. There are many rates of learning, and people learn at different levels of understanding. Everyone is unique. Each aspect of your learning is important. Learn to be patient with yourself. Give yourself enough practise time in order to learn. Be positive and warm hearted about your learning process.

Treat your Tai Chi Form like a valuable musical instrument. Polish it slowly and regularly, keep it in good working order. The music will sound better.

Consider where you want to get to with your Tai Chi Journey. Visualise before each form you practise that you are already there. That the form you practise feels good, balanced, grounded and flowing. Don’t force it. Don’t consider anything wrong about your form – simply a step in the process.

The following two quotes encapsulates the spirit of Tai Chi :


Before movement : stillness and clarity.

Earth and Heaven in balance.


In movement a calm heart and mind

Equal giving and receiving Qi.


Soften the senses, be open and receptive

The attention internally gathered.


After movement only the Tao remains.

Boundless and indescribable.


Ancient Tai Chi Classics (Anon)


"When you start Tai-Chi you are like an old bucket, what ever we give you will mostly leak out, if you can retain a drop you are doing well. The process (within you) of creating Tai-Chi is “you” mending your holes. We just give you the tools, no one can do it for you".  
Yang Cheng Fu (Grand Master of the Yang Style) -